Edible Acid Casein


Edible acid casein is the milk product obtained by separating, washing and drying the acid-precipitated coagulum of skimmed milk and/or other products obtained from milk.


Food ingredients, glazing agent for bakery products, meat sauces, industrial applications such as Casein adhesives, glue stick formulation, Casein Buttons, labels, paper, glue, flooring, paints, plastics, aluminum foil.

Physico-Chemical Characteristics

Appearance: Whitish/Creamy Powder
Texture: Fine
Minimum milk protein in dry matter: 90.0%
Content of casein in milk protein: 95.0%
pH (10% 2/v Solution): 4.6
Moisture: 12%max
Milk fat Content: 2.0%max
Ash Content: 2.5%max
Lactose: 1.0%max
Free acid(ml of 0.1N NaOH/g): 0.27ml

Microbiological Characteristics

Total Plate Count per gm: 12, 200
Yeast & Mould / gm: 9 gm.
Coliform / 0.1 gm: Absent
Salmonella / 375 gm: Absent
Particle Mesh Size: 100 % Pass To 60 Mesh Sieve


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