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Why Tomato Juice From Heesure Company ?

tomato juice

Tomato Juice With Higher Content Of Lycopene( 10mg/100g )

Using the advanced production technology of low temperature extraction in tomato juice’s processing, in order to protect the tomato’ natural color, aroma, smell, primary nutrients and vitamins at the highest level.

  • 5mg/100g
    Lycopene Content  in China’s national standard
  • 10mg/100g
    Lycopene Content in our tomato juice

With the technology of low temperature extraction Process facilities, tomatoes are protected by using a thermal process for a very short time; therefore, vitamins are protected with less loss. The products with distinctive color and smell are filled at zero degrees.

A Wonderful Vegetable-Tomato

  • Lycopene, which appears to have profound protective effects on health
  • To effectively prevent breast cancer, ferial can eat more tomato
  • Two glasses of tomato juice a day strengthens bones and can ward off osteoporosis

5 Reasons For You To Drinking Tomato Juice Concentrate

  • It is better absorbed Lycopene from tomato juice than from raw tomatoes. Lycopene, which appears to have profound protective effects on health.
  • Drinking tomato juice have the benefits of protect blood vessels,  regulating blood lipid,  blood pressure stable.
  • Tomato juice is full with various types of vitamins and minerals.
  • Drinking tomato juice can reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Drinkinf tomato juice also can cut back your hunger and thus reduce your body weight.


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  1. right now i am interested in making orange juice concentrate by reverse osmosis.can you give me some info about how you are making tomato paste by reverse osmosis

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