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Have you consider that how much your brand name concentrated tomato paste products been wasted? Some housewife often place a can of half-used tomato paste in their fridge. After a period of time, they found it in the back corner, and completely unusable because of the thick layer of black mold that has formed atop… You company’s tomato paste may soon be consigned to the dustbin. What a waste of tomato paste! And the housewife never change this bad habits. when they open a can of tomato paste, they really only need a tablespoon or two, there is so much more in your canned tomato paste. Maybe the housewife be ashamed. The truth is, it happens to all of housewife. And it’s not really your tomato paste product’s fault, either.


Assume you are housewife. One day you’re making a tomato-based soup. You open that small can of tomato paste fully intending to finish it up later on in the week in another recipe. It is seem that it no waste if you just freeze any leftover paste from a can. As soon as you open a fresh can and use what you need, you can immediately freeze the rest of it. You don’t even bother storing it in the refrigerator at all. And then it happens. You forget it. The canned tomato paste gets lost in the fridge, only to resurface once it’s too late. And while it isn’t a major financial loss — most cans of tomato paste cost under a buck — it’s frustrating in its wastefulness. The consumer haven’t to eat tomato-based meals every day, so the waste of canned tomato paste is inevitable.

tomato paste in tube

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You should tell your customers:

In fact, leftover canned tomato paste is extremely quick to spoil in the fridge and the tubed tomato paste keeps well. Canned tomato paste is more economical than tubed tomato paste. If you need an entire can, you should choose canned. If you need a small amount, you should choose tube.


the advantage of tubed tomato paste

  • The great thing about the tube is that it stays fresh in the fridge.
  • tomato paste in a tube is always convenient.
  • The little squeeze tube is fun to cook with
  • consumer really only need one to two tablespoons one times.
  • It is so easy to use, when you need a little. no more leftover paste in open cans.

You need a great ingredient tomato paste supplier with your brand name tubed tomato paste? Heesure Company can help you!

  • Your brand Tubed Tomato Paste offers a pantry favorite
  • Heesure Company has been processing tomatoes with a sweet flavor that’s unique to Inner Mongolia tomatoes.
  • Simply enhance the taste of your consumer’s meat or vegetable soup meal with this harmonious blend.

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