To reach a wonderful kingdom of tomato–tomato Paste From Bayan Nur (Inner Mongolia)

Tomato Paste From Bayan Nur (Inner Mongolia)

                                                                 —To reach a wonderful kingdom of tomato

Tomato Paste From Banya Nur

Tomato is not a common foods in the Chinese national diet. But the tomato processing industry in China  develops quickly. The Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang farmer grows more tomatoes for processing. Chinese tomatoes are shipped to Europe( especially Italy ), and it to be processed into canned tomato paste, tomato juice,  puree, passata, ketchup, pasta sauce, salsa, etc.

Heesure Company’s tomato paste all from Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia, which is a wonderful kingdom of tomato. With its ideal weather and advanced irrigation facilities, it is more suitable for tomato cultivation, especially in accumulation of tomato solid and formation of lycopene. World-renowned enterprises like COFCO Tunhe, Chalkis, have their own tomato processing factory here, so our factory has access to raw material with unparalleled high quality which we use for tomato paste and tomato juice.

7 reasons why tomato paste from Bayan Nur (Inner Mongolia) is superior

  • 40 degrees north latutide
  • non-pollution Inner Mongolia Hetao Plains
  • abundant sunshine
  • the temperature difference from day and night
  • fertile soil
  • drought and rainless
  • advanced irrigation facilities of Yellow River

Key tomato processing factory in Bayan Nur (Inner Mongolia)

  • Taishun Industrial (Inner Mongolia) Food Co., Ltd.
  • Inner Mongolia Fuyuan Agriculture Products Co., Ltd.
  • COFCO Tunhe( Inner Mongolia)
  • Chalkis( Inner Mongolia)
  • Inner Mongolia Russell Tomato Products Co., Ltd
  • Inner Mongolia Wanye foods Co.,Ltd

Heesure Company’s tomato paste and tomato juice made in Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia, with high content of lycopene,   you love and your customer loves.

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