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  • Why Heesure Company's tomato paste ?

    Heesure Company uses the world’s most advanced production equipment and processing and packing technologies to produce bottled ketchup, packaged tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, whole tomatoes, and tomato juice.

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      We offer the best tomato paste. The tomato paste is made through low temperature extraction that fully preserves all natural vitamins, pure taste and nutrition facts. The tomato paste you can trust.

    Why Heesure Company's sunflower oil?

    Our manufacturing facility in Inner Mongolia is perfectly located to produce organic sunflower oil from Inner Mongolian sunflowers, using traditional physical extraction technologies that produce no pollution and require no additives.

    Why Heesure Company's the casein?

    The Inner Mongolian prairie, rich in cattle and sheep flocks, is recognized as the world’s natural pasture. World-renowned enterprises like Nestle, Yili, and Mengniu have their own dairy bases here.

    Why Heesure Company's dehydrated vegetables??

    Bayannoer, Inner Mongolia, has the largest production base in China for dehydrated vegetables. With its ideal weather and advanced irrigation facilities, Bayonnoer provides the ideal growing conditions for red peppers and green peppers.

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Knowledge Base

01. The benefits of tomato product ?

Tomato is a wonderful vegetable and fruit. The most important benefit is antioxidant——Lycopene. It supply us with cardiovascular, supports bone health, anti-cancer Benefits.

02.The benefits of sunflower oil and seeds?

The sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E, which is benefit of anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular. Act like waste collectors, sunflower oil and seeds can reduce cholesterol level, blood pressure and blood fat.

03.The benefits of dehydrated vegetables?

The dehydrated vegetables is a convenient, nutritious and healthiest food, it is easy to be stored and transported for long distance.

04.The application of Industry Casein?

* An adhesive in construction for wood working applications
* Packaging industries for breweries, wineries and packagers where refrigerated products are packaged
* A binder in paints
* An additive in other adhesives