What is RO(reverse osmosis) Tomato Paste?

Reverse Osmosis Tomato Paste

                                               —Advanced Production Technology of Tomato Paste

Reverse osmosis has been used in the processing of fruit and vegetable juices, such as tomato. The tomato paste is made through Reverse Osmosis Process that fully preserves all natural vitamins, pure taste and nutrition facts.

The only one using technology of Reverse Osmosis in tomato paste’s processing, is in Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolian, China. At present most of RO(reverse osmosis) tomato paste exported to Japanese market.

Using Technology of Reverse Osmosis in tomato paste’s processing, in order to protect the tomato’ natural color, aroma, smell, primary nutrients and vitamins at the highest level. The Reverse Osmosis Process bring the tomato paste at the maximum level of quality. And other traditional industries have no technology implementation , process organic, but with the deficiency in vitamins and quality of the product. In Reverse Osmosis Process facilities, tomatoes are protected by using a thermal process for a very short time; therefore, vitamins are protected with less loss. The products with distinctive color and smell are filled at zero degrees.