Heesure Company Anniversary Celebrations

  1. Heesure Company Anniversary Celebrations

Heesure company was founded two years ago. I have a lot of things to say…


I would like to wholeheartedly thank Nana Wang for her continued friendship and help with Heesure company. I am ever so grateful for the help and support provided by Heesure Company’s Food Safety Manager Ace Qiu and for his knowledge and understanding of my work.


I also appreciate the friendship of my colleague, Matt, Selbi, Hassan, Valerio, Numtan, Aena, Margaret, Oriana, Sharine, Aena, Lisa, Samantha, Emily, Vashti, Shannon, Amy, Amanda, Morris, Maria, Jackle, Carin, Jerica, Monnie and Roble do for their laughter and understanding during this two years.


My thanks are also due to Austin for assistance and to all the technical staff of his company, project team who helped me with various aspects of my work.


I wish to extend my appreciation to Sebastian for providing the financial assistance. Without his assistance this would not have become a reality.


Many thanks are also extended to my mother for her understanding and care she provided to my daughter.

This post is dedicated to my husband and my daughter, who are my constant companions. I am eternally grateful for their support and understanding during the period of this two year.

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