Sunflower Oil

  • Sunflower Oil


    • Sunflower  Seed Oil Rich In Linoleic Acid
      Unsaturated fatty acid, 2-3 tablespoons healthy oils a day
    • Rich In Vitamin E
      Natural vitamin E content of sunflower oil is in the highest levels of all the main vegetable oil
    • Remove The Garbage
      Sunflower seeds oil act like waste collectors, reduce cholesterol level, blood pressure and blood fat
    • A Geriatric Old Role
      The cells will keep functioning well and are pretty much the same as they were when they were young
    • High Smoke Point 
      Sunflower seed oil with low fumes emission level than other oil, the trend of oil fumes concentration is stable
    • The Traditional Physical Crushing Technology 
      No additives, no chemical residues, organic sunflower seeds, organic food production process
  • sunflower oil

    sunflower oil

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Applications areas

  • Foods
    Sunflower Oil is a high-quality oil for salads as well as for cooking, pan frying and deep frying
    Used in the production of margarine and mayonnaise
  • Pharmaceutical
    Used as a carrier for active ingredients in soft gelatin capsules
    Used to produce salves and emulsions
  • Cosmetics
    Important ingredient in salves, lotions and bath oils
    Anti-inflammatory and protects the skin
    Easily absorbs into the skin
  • Veterinary
    Important plant-derived fat component in animal feeds and pet food products
  • Technology
    Sunflower oil also used to produce soaps, varnishes, oil paints and artists’ colors
    Ideal for use in leather care products
    Used as a preservative in cloth production