• Fresh Milk Casein

    The raw material of our product is milk. And San-he cattle is the only sources of milk in our factory, it produce lesser volumes of milk than yak, Holstein or other high yield breeds. The San-he cattle eat grass without BST.

  • Edible Acid Casein

    The raw material of edible acid casein is milk or Qula cheese in China, especially in the south of Gansu province.

  • Industrial Casein

    Usually, the raw material of industrial casein is  Qula cheese in China.  It is rarely to use milk as the raw material.


Our factory mainly specialized in acid casein for 21 years. We supply acid casein for Henkel(Germany)with high quality and competitive price. The Henkel company use our product in their adhesives business.

We manufacture acid casein for several years, with the strength of quality.

First, the raw material of our product is milk, not Qula cheese.
Two, San-he cattle is our single breeds.
Three,grazing,not captive breeding.
Four, fresh forage based diet, without BST.