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  • Heesure Company is a leading supplier of food and food ingredients. Our product which is Inner Mongolia local specialties are exported to all over the world, such as tomato paste, tomato juice, dehydrated vegetables, sunflower oil and seeds, casein.


What  Featured  Product  We  Can  Supply

  • 01. Tomato Base

    China is the second largest national producer of tomatoes in the world and is the top exporter of tomatoes. Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang are China’s primary tomato-producing regions. Heesure Company uses the world’s most advanced production equipment and processing and packing technologies to produce bottled ketchup, packaged tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, whole tomatoes, and tomato juice.

  • 02. Dehydrated vegetables Base

    Bayannoer, Inner Mongolia, has the largest production base in China for dehydrated vegetables. With its ideal weather and advanced irrigation facilities, Bayonnoer provides the ideal growing conditions for green peppers. They are favored in international markets for their bright color, thick flesh, and high vitamin content. Our products are exported to many regions, including the United States, Germany, Belgium, and Canada.

  • 03.Sunflower Base

    Inner Mongolia is an important production base for sunflower. The sunflower is an alkaline-resistant, drought-resistant crop that requires high levels of sunlight and thrives in extremely harsh conditions. Very few countries are successful sunflower producers, like China, Argentina, Russia, and Ukraine. In China, only Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and northeastern cities provide suitable conditions for sunflower planting. Our manufacturing facility in Inner Mongolia is perfectly located to produce organic sunflower oil from Inner Mongolian sunflowers, using traditional physical extraction technologies that produce no pollution and require no additives.

  • 04. Casein Base

    The Inner Mongolian prairie, rich in cattle and sheep flocks, is recognized as the world’s natural pasture. World-renowned enterprises like Nestle, Yili, and Mengniu have their own dairy bases here, so our factory has access to raw milk with unparalleled high quality which we use for casein. Casein is mainly used for food additives, leather, shoe polish, paper, paint, plastic beer labels, media, as well as in a variety of other industries. Our company has a long-standing business relationship with Germany’s Henkel Corporation for our casein.