Red Bell Peppers

Red bell pepper and green bell pepper are widely planted in Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia, China. With its ideal weather and advanced irrigation facilities, it is more suitable for bell peppers grow. Bell pepper in Bayan Nur favored in international markets for their bright color, thick flesh, great favor,  high capsorubin and high vitamin content. Heesure company’s products are exported to many regions, including the United States, Germany, Belgium, and Canada.

7 reasons why Heesure Company’s  red bell peppers  is superior

  • No bell peppers stem
  • made in Bayan Nur, Which is a largest production base
  • 40 degrees north latutide
  • non-pollution Inner Mongolia Hetao Plains
  • abundant sunshine
  • the temperature difference from day and night
  • fertile soil
  • drought and rainless
  • advanced irrigation facilities of Yellow River
    • 100% Natural
      Organic farm
    • Origin In Direct Marketing
      Inner Mongolia, China
    • Drying Method
    • Taste
      Aromatic, fresh, sweet
    • Use within
      12 Months
  • red-bell-pepper

    • 100g Product Contains Protein (g) 
      12 g
    • 100g Product Contains Fat (g) 
      3 g
    • Energy (in kJ) 
      1200 kJ
    • Fibre (g) 
      38 g
    • Sodium (mg)
      20 mg