We are working as your Dehydrated Bell Peppers Expert

The bell pepper plant area is 74 million  m in Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia, China. The whose dried bell peppers production accounts for 60% of the China’s total. The red bell pepper and green bell pepper are favored in international markets by their bright color, thick flesh, and high vitamin content. They are exported to many regions including America, Germany, Belgium,  Canada, etc.

We Are Working As Your Dehydrated Bell Peppers Expert

3 problems in Inner Mongolia’s dehydrated bell peppers market

  • The products has bell peppers stem
  • Backward technology
  • Pesticide remnant, luxury heavy metals or excessive additives

5 reasons why you should purchase dried bell peppers from Heesure Company

  • We use combination of  machine separation and manual sorting ensure that our products have no bell peppers stem.
  • Advanced dehydrated vegetables production technology
  • Quality inspection system is most important issue in product quality control
  • The strict management ensuring the high quality of dehydrated vegetables
  • Many years of bell peppers production experience
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