2013 Dehydrated Bell Peppers From China

2013 Dehydrated Bell Peppers From China

2013 dehydrated bell pepper in Inner Mongolia


Bell pepper are widely planted in Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia, China. With its ideal weather and advanced irrigation facilities, it is more suitable for green bell peppers and red bell peppers grow. Dried bell pepper in Bayan Nur favored in international markets for their bright color, thick flesh, great flavour,  high capsorubin and high vitamin content. Heesure company’s dried bell peppers are exported to many regions, including the United States, Germany, Belgium, and Canada.

The average price of 2013 Dehydrated Bell Peppers In Inner Mongolia is USD 4300/MT,  the prices have fallen over the past year.

3 reasons why the price of dehydrated bell pepper from China(Inner Mongolia) have fallen.

  • the cost of raw material is reduce
  • unfair competition, product of inferior quality is disrupt the market
  • global economic recession

The most outstanding features of Heesure Company’s dried bell peppers is NO BELL PEPPER STEM. Why not buy directly from a professinal, reliable & strong supplier who is located right here in the Place of Origin ?

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