Heesure Company

Heesure Company is a leading supplier and exporter of food and food ingredients about tomato paste, tomato juice, dehydrated vegetables, sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, and casein.

  • Business Interview with processing tomato industry in Bayan Nur

    Inner Mongolia News: Ms. Sun, we want to thank you for your willingness to answer a few questions about the current state of the processing tomato industry in Inner Mongolia. Could you start with a few words of presentation? Ye Sun (Ino): I am the founder, owner and operator of Heesure Company. I hold a degree in economics […]

  • Heesure Company Anniversary Celebrations

    Heesure Company Anniversary Celebrations

    Heesure company was founded two years ago. I have a lot of things to say…   I would like to wholeheartedly thank Nana Wang for her continued friendship and help with Heesure company. I am ever so grateful for the help and support provided by Heesure Company’s Food Safety Manager Ace Qiu and for his […]

  • shot of heesure company

    Let Heesure Company Give Your Business a Brand New Look!

    Tomato Paste in Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia, China Have you ever heard of Bayan Nur? Maybe your tomato paste  import from China is made in Bayan Nur! Maybe your tomato paste supplier’s product is made in Bayan Nur! Have you ever heard of a news “the Italian puree that hailed from China” ? Bayan Nur, Inner […]

  • Heesure Company

    Heesure Company

    Welcome to Heesure Company’s blog Hi there! We are Heesure Company whatever business …and I can help you with; we can supply with food and food ingredients tomato paste tomato juice Dried vegetables Sunflower Oil and Seeds Casein … I’ll be happy to work for you! look for me also here