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  • World Tomato Congress

  • The 2014 Tomato Harvest Is Underway

    Tomatoes can be consumed as a fresh product or as a processed commodity in the form of canned tomatoes (whole or pieces), paste, pulp, puree or sauce. In Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia, approximately 90% of the fresh tomato crop is processed into ingredient tomato paste and other concentrate tomato products. Harvest began in the first week of […]

  • tomato paste in tube

    Tomato Paste in A Tube

    (Image: Hunt’s) Have you consider that how much your brand name concentrated tomato paste products been wasted? Some housewife often place a can of half-used tomato paste in their fridge. After a period of time, they found it in the back corner, and completely unusable because of the thick layer of black mold that has […]

  • Business Interview with processing tomato industry in Bayan Nur

    Inner Mongolia News: Ms. Sun, we want to thank you for your willingness to answer a few questions about the current state of the processing tomato industry in Inner Mongolia. Could you start with a few words of presentation? Ye Sun (Ino): I am the founder, owner and operator of Heesure Company. I hold a degree in economics […]

  • Heesure Company Anniversary Celebrations

    Heesure Company Anniversary Celebrations

    Heesure company was founded two years ago. I have a lot of things to say…   I would like to wholeheartedly thank Nana Wang for her continued friendship and help with Heesure company. I am ever so grateful for the help and support provided by Heesure Company’s Food Safety Manager Ace Qiu and for his […]

  • RO (reverse osmosis) Tomato Paste(2)

    RO (reverse osmosis) Tomato Paste(2)                                 — The advantage of the RO (reverse osmosisi) tomato paste process With changes in lifestyle and eating habits, there has been an increase in the demand for tomato products of better sensory quality and attributes […]

  • RO(reverse osmosis)tomato paste

    RO (reverse osmosis) Tomato Paste(1)

    RO (reverse osmosis) Tomato Paste                               —External characteristics and quality of fresh tomato and tomato concentrates Today an increasing number of buyers creates a demand for tomato paste of better sensory quality and attributes such as colour, flavour, texture and nutrition […]

  • sunflower oil

    Sunflower Oil From China You Can Trust

    Sunflower Oil From China You Can Trust Sunflower oil is a healthy cooking oil and senior nutrition oil, well accepted in the international market. Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Jiling and Liaoning are China’s primary sunflower seeds regions. Heesure Company’s sunflower seed oil use the traditional physical crushing technology. Only high oleic sunflower seeds can be […]