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  • How We Work

    Heesure Company is a leading supplier of food and food ingredients  to the food manufacturing industry. Quality and value are our first priorities. Our featured products include tomato paste, tomato juice, dehydrated vegetablessunflower oilsunflower seeds, and casein that can be customized to each client’s requirements. Heesure Company’s various agricultural products are traded and manufactured in Inner Mongolia. Each product is a gift from nature.

  • Our Products

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    The quality of Heesure Company’s tomato paste is good. Looking forward to the next cooperation!

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  • Fun Facts About Us

    19 Members Of Heesure Company Are Female

Core Values Of Heesure Company

    • Enduring Innovations

      When we respond to what we see in the marketplace, we don’t just produce one – off products. Our goal is to bring forward genuinely innovative offerings that take root in the consumer mindset and endure over the long term.

    • Market Focus

      Heesure Company focus on needs of our consumers, customers and franchise partners. We all get out into the market and listen, observe and learn.

    • Professional Team

      The talent, knowledge, and dedication of Heesure Company’s team members are key to our success. We own a professional team to answer every question from customers.

    • Food Safety

      Heesure Company are a responsible company which guarantees that our products are all safe and healthy.  We take responsibility for the impact we have on the planet and the communities we serve.

    • Challenge the Status Quo

      “Made in China” leaved an impression – Low quality with low price. But Heesure Company are pursuing high- quality natural foods with advanced management for our customers.

    • Strive for Excellence

      Heesure Company aim to provide a broad selection of products at fair prices, and to be a trusted source of natural foods, and a reliable resource for consumer information.

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